Animal Rescue Beware!
Not All Animal Rescues & Rescuers Are The Same
Before you give an animal or pet to anyone, make certain that you have checked them out thoroughly.  A rescuer's self professed resume is not always an accurate portrayal of how an animal will be treated or what type of conditions they will be living in.
This site will inform you regarding issues
you need to know if you are giving away a pet, do animal rescue or are working in animal welfare of any type.  While most animal rescuers are working within bounds and their means, there are those who's big hearts have taken them beyond their physical, financial and psychological resources and capabilities.  We'll explore the world of rescue gone wrong. This isn't a pretty topic but one that must be acknowledged to protect those who can not speak for themselves. This site is dedicated to all the animals who have suffered due to animal rescue gone bad.
The author of this site lives in eastern Louisiana and has been working in animal welfare throughout the state of Mississippi for thirty years. 
It is this author's sincere wish that anyone who knows of a rescuer that is "in too deep" speak up.
Shugah's Nightmare in Mississippi
Animal Hoarders Are People With Good Intentions Gone Awry
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Why Do People Do Rescue?
Collectors Believe They Are Rescuing
Two Young Labradors Who Mysteriously Died  While Being Cared For By A Carriere, MS Rescuer.  The Rescuer Refused To Allow An Autopsy To Be Performed Despite The Fact That It Would Have Cost Her Nothing. 
Dog Pens Of A Carriere,MS Animal Rescuer Who Claims Top Notch Accommodations For Her Rescues
Quantity Over Quality
People Who Hoard
Neglected By  Rescuer In Carriere, MS
Carriere, Mississippi Rescuer's Dog Pens
Forced To Have Puppies Despite Her Carriere, MS Rescuer Knowing  Her Front Legs Could Not Stand The Extra Weight & Stress From The Pregnancy.
Neglected By  Rescuer In Carriere,MS